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The path is not of a legal form


Getting this error when initially connecting and downloading web resources. Please advise.


Almost4ty wrote Jul 31, 2016 at 11:58 AM

I have heard this message two years ago from another user and it had something to do with path/file names, which are not " of legal form". Means a path of filename contains an invalid character so that the path is not legal.
You should know, that ScriptEase internally computes local filenames, based on the names of your web-resources. If a web-resource contains a character that cannot be used for a filename, this error may pop-up. Normally ScriptEase should replace such characters, but depending on your Windows locale there might be some issues.
If this tip does not help, we need to dig deeper..
You may send me: Your Windows, CRM and ScriptEase Version and the ScriptEase-Logfile (which can be found in the ScriptEase.Exe directory 'ScriptEase_LOG.txt')  msc @
If you wanna have a look at the traces yourself, check the last line and you may see something like this "Create WorkspaceItem({webResource.Name}" ... then you know the web-resources name that causes the trouble.
Please let me know if this was helpful and let me know if you found the root cause.

Almost4ty wrote Aug 31, 2016 at 6:30 PM

OK, finally I found out the reason: the script file in CRM did not have a path. This was fixed in v2016.3