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Released: Feb 26, 2013
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Application ScriptEase v2013.1.4805
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Release Notes

v4805, 2013-02-26
FIX: Splash Screen brings main window to the background

v4787, 2013-02-08, msc
CHG: Performance optimized again, more precise code structure
FIX: File comparison recognizes also file changes with less than three byte

v4785, 2013-02-06, msc
CHG: Totally refactored - performance improvements
NEW: Support for 'Sytem Scripts' as a new settings in the project configuration
NEW: IsManaged column hides automatically when there's no managed script.
FIX: Missing file extension in web-resource name fixed

v4779, 2013-31-01, msc
NEW: CRM-Solution support allows you to ask ScriptEase to synchronize only those web-resources which are part of a specific solution. This is a great improvement when you are working in a team where multiple developers are doing scripting. Now, each developer can select "his" subset of scripts
CHG: Internal refactoring

v4777, 2013-29-01, msc
NEW: ScriptEase recognizes the different web-resource extensions, like htm or html. The previous behaviour was that ScriptEase knew just one (default) extension for each web-resource type so that web-resources with names like 'mypage.html' were saved as 'mypage.html.htm'

v4776, 2013-28-01, msc
NEW: FilenameGuessing project parameter introduced. Because of too many scenarios I decided to not let ScriptEase guess filenames anymore. Guessing filenames is helpful if you have uniques filenames and when you're moving script from one local directory to another. Then, Scriptease can guess and recognize those moves by finding the file by its filename. If you use the same filename (like 'controller.js') in different directories (like \account\, \contact\) then Filename guessing can lead to unexpected results.
  • file name guessing is useful if you do NOT use namespaces for scripts. If you use namespaces, turn FileNameGuessing off (Default) and let ScriptEase create the directories based on your namespaces.
  • Previous versions of ScriptEase always used FileNameGuessing!!
NEW: Grid grouping added

v4769, 2013-21-01, msc
FIX: Application startup synchronized with Thread 1 - button display

v4767, 2013-19-01, msc
FIX: Starts faster and displays splash

v4758, 2013-10-01 msc
NEW: Better error message when ScriptEase cannot start because of untrusted network locations.
NEW: Improved main mindow title
CHG: Filemappings in the project files are read and used but not saved automatically anymore! Thus, changes to filemappings have to be made manually by editing the project-xml (seproj-file).

v4757, 2013-09-01 msc
NEW: PublisherPrefixes can contain directories, like "msc_/js". This is necessary if you already have your scripts in a directory structure that is based on the script namespace.
CHG: PublisherPrefixes are not longer auto completed with an "_".
CHG: If ScriptEase cannot safely find a file (e.g. due to a move and when more than one file with the same filename exist in the script directory), a warning is added to the Trace window.
FIX: ScriptEase connection selector remembers the project's last connection.

v4744 2012-12-27 msc
FIX: Support for empty web-resources (webResource.Content==null) added ScriptEase stopped working when a script web-resource was created in CRM without a content.

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