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What ScriptEase does

ScriptEase allows you to edit and maintain your Microsoft Dynamics CRM JavaScripts locally
while ScriptEase automatically synchronizes all the changes with CRM.

  • Edit JavaScript files locally
    • Within Visual Studio (or any other editor)
    • Supports a directory structure
      • the Microsoft debug tools
      • and the SDK best practices
  • Use TFS to manage JavaScripts
  • Detect and resolve JavaScript conflicts
    • While other Team members are working on the same CRM Solution

ScriptEase automatically downloads all unmanaged JavaScripts from the connected organization to your local hard-drive. Then you can explore and or edit all the JavaScripts locally. ScriptEase watches the local script directory and it updates and publishes the scripts automatically immediately after is has been changed locally!

ScriptEase is smart enough to support local directories for your scripts, which is for me one of the most important features. You can move your scripts into folders as needed. After a re-start ScriptEase will automatically find and map your local scripts to the scripts in CRM. 

Please check-out the documentation to read more about ScriptEase' features incl. Visual Studio support!

How to edit the CRM-Connection (Office 365)

ScriptEase stores its CRM connection profiles in an XML file:

%AppData%\Schmidt e-Services GmbH\CrmConnectionProfiles.xml

and you can edit this file with any text editor. Internally, ScriptEase uses the SDK's CrmConnection class to parse the connection string. Thus, you can enter any valid connection string here (if needed with a password). This should enable you to conenct with Office 365 (even if there's no UI support yet).
Note: ScriptEase saves passwords in an ecrypted form, however, ScriptEase recognizes also clear-text passwords when reading a connection string. (Feedback welcome!)

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