Remove Publisher Prefixes

Nov 3, 2012 at 4:07 PM

I have updated ScriptEase to v4690 to better support the publisher prefix removal.

However, I have to be a little bit more precise: once a WebResource was recognized by ScriptEase (after creating a new project and connecting with CRM) this WebResource has got a mapping in the project file which references the local file.

Now, if you delete the local file ScriptEase will recreate this file after the next restart (project re-open), according to the mapping. Thus, prefix removal is not applied because there is already a mapping that tells ScriptEase where to put the file!

Prefix removal is done only for new files that did not have a mapping before.

Anyway, feel free to delete the mapping from the project configuration file and the script file itself, to let ScriptEase recreate the file and the mapping and to remove the publisher prefixes.

If you just want the file to be in another directory, move the file on your local hard-drive and restart ScriptEase (re-open the project). ScriptEase will recognize the moved file and fix the mapping accordingly.