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ScriptEase allows you to edit and maintain your Microsoft Dynamics CRM JavaScripts on your local hard-drive and ScriptEase automatically synchronizes all the changes with CRM.

In comparison to other JavaScript tools SciptEase is more or less a "synchronization service" that runs in the background. ScriptEase observes a folder (incl subfolders) and synchronizes script file changes with a CRM organization. 

Work with Visual Studio, edit and save your file ...
one second later, your WebResources in CRM are up-to-date!

There's no need to update or publish scripts anymore. And if a local file is not in sync with your CRM Organization (TFS and CRM are out of sync!) ... ScriptEase will let you know:

With this basic idea, the rest comes for free:

  • TFS (Source Control integration)
  • Support for XRMPageTemplate, etc.
  • Suport for the SDK best practices (script naming conventions)
  • Support for multiple developers working on the same CRM Organizatin / Solution


*1) because my customer had more than 100 Scripts w/o structure!

Btw.: My real name is Markus Schmidt, living in Wiesbaden, Germany;
Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant since 2006, for companies around the globe.

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